Services vary by location


Dedicated Workspaces

Maximize productivity and focus, with a workspace designed to get you into the zone.

  • Dedicated office space or individual desk

  • Arguably the comfiest ergonomic chair

  • ~23’ Monitor with HDMI (optional)


Conference Rooms

Gather up and conspire to build the future together, in a space designed to impress and produce results.

  • Modern, creative design

  • Huge conference table

  • 30”+ Monitor with HDMI, for presentations


Access to the community,
online and locally

“…If you want to go far, go together.” Coworking space are powered by and built for communities. Memberships give you connections with everyone in our network of spaces online. You can also participate in our weekly “Mastermind” gatherings, where we exchange difficulties and solutions.


Flexible Workspaces

Socialize and work in comfort, with workspaces designed to help you meet potential clients, partners, investors or your new team.

  • Lounge chair with laptop table

  • Shared desks

  • Plenty of sockets and stable connection


Call Booths

From video conferences to phone calls, talk freely in a space designed for it (much more comfy than this stock photo).

  • Sound-dampening cabin

  • Sofa with a table

  • Sockets and stable connection


Office Goodies

  • Coffee and purified water

  • Printer, whiteboards and other goodies

  • High-speed Internet

  • Vending machine (paid separately)

  • Relaxation areas, gaming zones and more