The "office gap" for small teams

With the rise of startups and small teams, more and more of them are struggling to find a suitable workspace.

The Office Gap

Working Solo

There are plenty of options for working alone - home, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, libraries, in the car, etc. Once, however, another person joins and you need to communicate, most of those options fall out of the picture.

Working in a team of 8+ people

Teams of over 8 people find it reasonable to rent their own small office. They miss out on the social and networking value of coworking space, but can happily work in their own office. It makes both social and economic sense.

Working in teams of 2-8 people - The Office Gap

Micro teams of 2-8 people are quite limited in options. They can’t work from home, coffee shops, hotels or libraries. Nor does it make sense to rent a small office to get isolated and pay for space they don’t utilize. Micro teams need speed, networking, talent and focus to succeed.

Cons of renting a small private office

  • Upfront capital investment for furnishing and equipment

  • Long-term contracts

  • Either underutilized or the team outgrows its' capacity quickly.

  • Distractions arising from office-related tasks

  • Few to none opportunities to socialize and learn from others

  • More difficult to attract talent without the right working environment

Coworking spaces bridging the gap

The rise of coworking spaces has perfectly addressed this issue and provided a great solution:

  • A well designed, ready-to-use, fully furnished and equipped office

  • All-inclusive, month-to-month memberships with “scale as you grow” options

  • Environment that helps you focus on your work, rather than office-related tasks

  • Plenty of networking, learning and socializing opportunities with other teams, that spark partnerships and friendships

  • Working environment designed to attract and retain talent - focused on the needs of the modern intellectual worker

Micro teams thrive in such environment. Find the nearest coworking space on the map and go see for yourself.

Take the first step

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Why 'Office as a Service' helps small businesses flourish?

What is ‘office as a service’?

Office as a Service is relatively new term that describes an office that lets you completely focus on your work. For a single, predictable monthly fee, you get a beautiful, fully furnished and equipped office, all bills and services included, cleaning, maintenance, supplies, coffee, all taken care of.

How small businesses flourish?

In a world where speed, networking and talent are key to business success, ‘office as a service’ businesses, such as coworking spaces, provide exactly that.


  • Flexible office terms, starting from a as low as one month, provide small businesses with speed, agility and scaling opportunities, without having to worry about furniture, equipment and long-term leases, saving them huge hunks of capital and time.


  • Access to an inspiring community, residing in the shared office itself or in a network of spaces, helping small businesses find users, clients, feedback, partners, knowledge, support, investment opportunities or just friends.


  • Young talent, especially Millennials, thrive in environments of inspiration, creativity, freedom, flexibility, better work-life balance and a community of like-minded individuals. Coworking spaces are very desirable for young talent, helping small businesses attract, retain and engage their teams for the long-run.

Coworking spaces are the future of work. Join one, now.

Trevor Workspaces has a few locations open in Sofia, Bulgaria, with more coming soon. Learn more on our home page or contact us for a tour.

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  • George Petrov, Founder of Trevor Workspaces

The Future of Workspaces

The coworking movement has seen incredible traction partly due to global trends, millennials and the term: “The Now is shorter”.

Global Trends

We’re all seeing a rise in autonomy, remote working, and decentralization of work. Freelancers and Entrepreneurs are on the rise. More and more specialists are turning into digital nomads - working from whenever they see fit. Those personalities need a common space to interact with each other, share ideas and collaborate on projects. They need to belong to a community of like-minded peers, because they know that isolation kills productivity and wellbeing. Coworking spaces became hubs for such individuals, due to their flexibility, human connection and culture. Now, the most active and talented individuals meet at coworking spaces around the world to conspire to build a brighter future, together.

Millennial Workforce

9/10 millennials emphasize the importance of work-life balance. Coworking spaces aren’t designed as traditional offices. They have relaxing areas, gaming areas, some have sport areas, community kitchens and so on - spaces that merge work and life into a single environment. Those spaces are also designed to stimulate social interactions among coworking members. Serving as a trust layer, those offices are a catalyst for meeting future clients, partners, beta testers, investors, friends and even lovers.

“The Now is shorter”

Technology and business is moving at an exponential rate. A company with a Solopreneur today, can have 10 employees and 3 co-founders a month from now. Growing or scaling a business in today’s world relies on flexibility, and office space is no exception. Coworking spaces have short-term leases or even on-demand models, making them an incredibly reasonable solution. Office space scales with the growth of the company, no limits and no strings attached. Most good coworking spaces are beautifully furnished and include all necessary amenities - blazing-fast internet connection, amazing coffee, premium meeting rooms, inspiring office spaces and plenty of functional and leisure areas. Even the corporations are beginning to embrace the flexibility and culture of coworking spaces.

This is only the beginning

Trevor Workspaces is aiming to empower entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses by helping them meet amazing individuals, work flexibly in an inspiring space, and do their best work.

Welcome to our newest workspace - Trevor Workspaces Deluxe

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