The "office gap" for small teams

With the rise of startups and small teams, more and more of them are struggling to find a suitable workspace.

The Office Gap

Working Solo

There are plenty of options for working alone - home, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, libraries, in the car, etc. Once, however, another person joins and you need to communicate, most of those options fall out of the picture.

Working in a team of 8+ people

Teams of over 8 people find it reasonable to rent their own small office. They miss out on the social and networking value of coworking space, but can happily work in their own office. It makes both social and economic sense.

Working in teams of 2-8 people - The Office Gap

Micro teams of 2-8 people are quite limited in options. They can’t work from home, coffee shops, hotels or libraries. Nor does it make sense to rent a small office to get isolated and pay for space they don’t utilize. Micro teams need speed, networking, talent and focus to succeed.

Cons of renting a small private office

  • Upfront capital investment for furnishing and equipment

  • Long-term contracts

  • Either underutilized or the team outgrows its' capacity quickly.

  • Distractions arising from office-related tasks

  • Few to none opportunities to socialize and learn from others

  • More difficult to attract talent without the right working environment

Coworking spaces bridging the gap

The rise of coworking spaces has perfectly addressed this issue and provided a great solution:

  • A well designed, ready-to-use, fully furnished and equipped office

  • All-inclusive, month-to-month memberships with “scale as you grow” options

  • Environment that helps you focus on your work, rather than office-related tasks

  • Plenty of networking, learning and socializing opportunities with other teams, that spark partnerships and friendships

  • Working environment designed to attract and retain talent - focused on the needs of the modern intellectual worker

Micro teams thrive in such environment. Find the nearest coworking space on the map and go see for yourself.

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-George P.