Sofia, Bulgaria, as a Strategic Location for IT Companies

“Sofia is second fastest-growing Tech Hub”

“Sofia Will be the Digital Capital of Europe in June with Three Major Tech Events”

Is Bulgaria a Strategic Location for you?

First of all, being a part of the European Union, Bulgaria is governed by European law and has its currency - the Bulgarian Lev, fixed to the Euro, making it a stable choice of expansion. Location-wise, it’s a 1-3 hour direct flight from most European cities, even with low cost airlines. Four London airports fly direct to Sofia and the subway is connected directly to the airport. Most international companies open large offices to take advantage of the good skilled, affordable talent. Bulgaria has quite a bit technical universities and a few software academies which produce a large number of graduates with IT related degrees. Most Bulgarians born after 1980 are taught English at school and are very hospitable by culture. Being a very touristy destination with amazing climate and nature, Bulgaria is also a great place for team buildings, summer and winter retreats and vision quests.


Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital city, inhabited by approximately 2 million people. As mentioned above, it is often referred to as the IT capital of Europe, due to its growth in the IT sector. A new coworking space opens every 1-2 months; Startup incubators are pouring out new startups weekly; Pitching events are organized weekly; Angels, Accelerators and VC funds are investing more and more capital in Bulgaria and some of the exits (Telerik) were really spectacular, having in mind the early stage of the IT sector. Best of all? Optical Internet with speeds of 200 Mbps costs 17 Euro a month. Even rural areas in Bulgaria have great connection.

If you’re looking for an inspiring new IT ecosystem, mixed with good nightlife and tourist destinations, and fueled by nice weather and nice people - Sofia, Bulgaria is the place for you.

Eager to open an office in Sofia, Bulgaria? Contact us. Even if non of our Serviced IT Offices and Coworking spaces work for you (unlikely) we will help you find one that does.

- George Petrov, Founder.